3 Best Backyard Patio with Cozy and Beautiful Design

By | July 26, 2020

There is 3 best ideas you can use or copy to make amazing and beautiful backyard patio on your home. Check the ideas below.

1. Creating Usable Patio Spaces in Sloped Backyard

Often times one of the best solutions for a sloping backyard is to split the spaces with either one or several retaining walls to flatten out and create a usable space in a backyard. By placing the wall at a location in the space which will allow for a generous patio to be created within the level ground can make a great backyard patio solution.

In the instance of this backyard, we wanted the brick to match the existing home’s brick and ‘jazzed up’ the patios by applying a three color stained concrete finish for the upper and lower patios. The lighter color was used as the background color, with two darker colors applied on the border and the large rectangular shapes within the patio borders.

Also, by bringing the brick material further into the garden spaces helped to strengthen the design. What was once a frustrating mowing headache and an unusable space is transformed into several level patio spaces which is a much more interesting and usable backyard space.

2. Multi-use Custom Patio Design

Today’s clients want more out of their patio spaces that just an extension of their back porch. With a well thought out plan, clients can get several uses out of their patios based on season or change uses day to day. This patio contains a central arbor structure that is flanked by a seating wall.

To the right of the arbor is a semi-circular seating wall that contains a fire pit in the center, to use on those colder winter nights. In the summer, the same space can double as a space for patio furniture and chairs. To the left of the arbor is another seating wall with space for a portable barbeque pit and a walk that leads to an adjacent garden space.

The entire patio is constructed of brick including the seating walls and the arbor is constructed of pressure treated lumber. In the drawing shown below left you can see that their are two raised brick planters that flank the left and right seating wall. These will be added in another phase of the project and will be planted for a lush affect to the garden space.

3. Backyard Patio with Family Space

I decided I wanted to make an area where my kids and that i can hang around and luxuriate in the outside when the weather is good . We’ve a reasonably large patio area but really there’s nothing to “do” out here. i used to be excited to seek out this gorgeous {hanging swing} on Walmart’s website.

I had researched getting one previously, but was always turned off by the value , especially for the larger, more substantial swings like this one! This swing, however, is basically top quality , deep enough for somebody to require a nap thereon and wide enough that several people can enjoy it together!

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